Teenagers & Chiropratic Care

Many people might wonder why a teenager would need too see a chiropractor? After all they are young therefore seemingly healthy. However, there are many benefits that teenagers and young people can get from seeking chiropractic care regularly. In fact there are three common reasons teens and young people see the chiropractor.

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1.) Poor posture:

Many young people do not stand as tall as they can. They often slouch causing for poor posture. Poor posture may not seem like a big deal to them them this early on in their lives. However, it will become a big deal later. Your teen having regular chiropractic treatments helps to promote a healthy posture and can fix misalignment’s that their initial bad posture caused.

2.) Book Bags:

Back-packs, lap-tops, gym bags, text books…the list is endless. While in school your young person has too carry around many things with them to succeed. Often times they pack all of the things that they need tightly into a bag of some sort causing a lot of strain on their back. Doctors say people should not carry more than 10% of their body weight but most people do not follow this. If your teen carry’s a book bag or something similar it could already be causing them back problems or will in the future. 

3.) Sports:

If your teen plays sports they may complain of pain from time to time. Many sports are after all pretty physically demanding. Regular adjustments can help your teen not only play better but feel better and even prevent injuries.

From these three things alone you can see why many people are considering taking their teenagers too the chiropractor for regular adjustments.


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