Dogs Naturally Imitate One Another

CBS Philly

By Nan Talleno

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Allelomimetic behavior in canines is an imitative behavior. It is essentially “mirroring” and a type of mimicking of posture, stance, behavior or movement of other animals in a close group. This mirroring behavior can be exhibited in dogs at any stage of life and can begin in puppyhood as young as 5 weeks old. This is an important factor in early learning.

Allelomimesis is a natural social behavior found inherently in social animals, especially canines, who are pack animals with a high social order and structure. It is an instinctual inclination hardwired in social animals to follow and mimic others in the social group. It is also known as group-coordinated behavior. This mirroring behavior is commonly seen when multiple dogs live together. For example, a dog will howl or bark when he/she hears another dog or dogs barking without knowing the specific source or…

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